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At QDOS we understand how much stress and inconvenience an accident can cause.

We deal with all types of incidents ranging from straight forward road traffic accidents to more complex workplace claims, our priority is to support you and process your claim as quickly as possible.

Accidents do not happen very often and as such many people are understandably unsure of their rights and the services available to them.

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Road Traffic Accidents - Key Benefits

  • Advice and support every step of the way
  • Vehicle repairs with no excess to pay
  • Hire vehicle provided at a similar standard to your own
  • Your no-claims bonus will not be affected
  • Access to specialist personal injury solicitors
  • Medical care and ongoing rehabilitation
  • Reimbursement of your out of pocket expenses
  • Recovery of loss of earnings
  • Compensation for the loss of value of your vehicle


Not at Fault Road Traffic Accidents


  • Your vehicle will be inspected by a fully qualified independent engineer who will agree all relevant repairs
  • If your vehicle is beyond economical repair (an insurance write off) the engineer will value your vehicle for insurance purposes. The valuation will indicate true market value based on vehicle condition and mileage
  • If your vehicle is repairable we will arrange for your vehicle to be repaired at your chosen repairer. (We can arrange repair at a QDOS Approved Repairer if you wish) It is important to remember that it is your choice where your vehicle is repaired, insurers will try to direct you to their approved repairer who will be contracted to keep repair costs to an absolute minimum. This can lead to poor repairs affecting the future value and performance of your vehicle
  • If your vehicle is unroadworthy as a result of the accident and whilst it is being repaired we will arrange a suitable replacement hire vehicle for your use. The vehicle can be delivered in as little as four hours and will be similar to your own. The hire cost will be recovered directly from the at fault drivers insurance company
  • You will not have to pay your insurance excess as we will recover this from the at-fault drivers insurance company
  • Your no-claims bonus will not be affected as you will not be making a claim against your own policy, we will deal directly with the at fault drivers insurance company
  • If you have been injured or suffered losses we will recommend one of our specialist solicitors who, if necessary, can arrange physiotherapy and ongoing rehabilitation. They will also help you claim fair compensation for your suffering and recover uninsured items such as loss of earnings and damaged personal belongings


Workplace Accidents - Key Benefits

  • Advice and support every step of the way
  • Access to our panel of specialist workplace injury solicitors
  • Physiotherapy and ongoing rehabilitation
  • Reimbursement of your out of pocket expenses
  • Recovery of loss of earnings


Workplace Accidents and Illness

At QDOS we realise that there are many different working environments giving rise to a vast array of work related illness and injury. When you register your claim with us you can be sure that we will recommend one of our panel of specialist solicitors that understand your workplace.

Your solicitor will gather evidence and consider the working environment provided by your employer. If it is considered that your illness or injury was caused by your employers negligence we will help you claim compensation.


  • Initial medical examinations to assess the immediate and long term impact of your injury or illness
  • Specialist medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Immediate and future loss of income as a result of your inability to work due to your injury or illness
  • Ongoing professional care and support at home or in medical/residential care
  • The cost of adapting your home or vehicle to meet your needs


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