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Running a fleet of vehicles can be problematic and time consuming. Your day can suddenly be interrupted by a driver calling in to report an accident, to advise they are stranded with a flat tyre or unable to use their vehicle due to a cracked windscreen. This leaves you having to make numerous phone calls looking for assistance at any time of the day or night.

QDOS Fleet have the solution!

We can provide all of the services that your drivers need just by calling one number – our fleet assistance line. If assistance is required following a road traffic collision, your driver can also use our accident reporting App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

As well as being here to help in an emergency, we can also reduce the administrative burden of dealing with your fleet. We can assist with the acquisition and disposal of your vehicles, routine maintenance, duty of care and driver safety issues, MOT and service reminders, telematics and fuel cost reduction to name a few.

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Full Claims Management

If one of your vehicles is involved in an accident, we will be able to assist you in getting that vehicle back into its pre-accident condition as quickly as possible whilst reducing the amount of time your driver is off the road.

We operate a fully-audited, nationwide network of repairers complimented by mobile smart repair options. We can arrange roadside recovery around the clock from anywhere in the UK to ensure that your driver always gets home and your vehicle is taken to a safe and secure location.

Our aim is to keep you mobile, depending on the circumstances you may be entitled to a like for like replacement vehicle for the duration of any repairs or at least a courtesy car whilst your vehicle is in for repairs.

Wherever possible we will look to present your claim to the at-fault insurance company so you do not have to claim from your own insurance policy helping you to protect your premiums.



If your driver needs emergency assistance our mobile tyre service will arrange for one of our network of over 800 independent tyre partners to provide assistance at the roadside. Alternatively, if you are looking for routine tyre replacement, we can arrange an appointment locally for you from our panel of over 9000 independent, approved service centres.



If your vehicle has a chip, cracked or smashed window we can arrange assistance for you. Where insurance cover exists, we can deal with your insurance company so you don’t have to or we can arrange competitive pricing if you wish to pay for the glass yourself.


Service, Maintenance & Repair

Our simple appointment service can be used for any vehicles that require a service, MOT or routine maintenance. Utilising our network of over 9000 franchised and leading independent service centres we can get the earliest possible appointment at a location that is convenient to you. Our network members are contracted to work to discounted labour rates with an agreed discount on parts ensuring that you always receive value for money.



We offer a range of low cost telematics options that can help you to keep your vehicle safe and monitor your driver’s behaviour. We offer stolen vehicle tracking and recovery as well as an automated SOS call for your driver in the event of an accident. We can help you to track the vehicles mileage to assist with ongoing service and maintenance requirements and to help validate expenses claims.


Breakdown & Recovery

We offer a fully insured and a pay on use options that cover mechanical breakdowns both in the UK and across Europe. We offer fast response times through our nationwide network of over 4000 recovery vehicles. We can assist with all types of vehicle and with all manner of circumstances.


Vehicle De-Fleet

Our simple to use, remote Auto-Vu technology can help to remove the uncertainty of costs at the end of a vehicle lease. It offers a vehicle condition and inspection service providing you with an accurate estimate for repairs giving you a chance to avoid the penalty charges imposed by the lease company.


Duty of Care & Driver Safety Issues

Staying up to date with the ever-changing regulatory requirements can provide employers with a real headache which is why our solution allows you to easily upload occupational road risk and duty of care documentation. Our App can measure specific hazards like harsh braking and cornering and provide engagement with the drivers on how to improve their driving style. We aim to deliver measurable partner benefits and outstanding customer service.


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