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QDOS Accident Assistance provides a comprehensive accident claims management service – that's what we do! We support bodyshops, claims management companies, dealerships, fleet managers, brokers and insurers.


We Have More Options

QDOS Accident Assistance has the widest variety of credit repair and credit hire options in the industry.

When you choose QDOS more of your claims will be converted into profit generating credit repair and credit hires.

84% claims received were converted into Credit Hire and Credit Repair in 2015!*

*Figures correct Jan-Mar


Expert Claims Handling

Our experienced claims handlers are on hand right through the claims process. Their expertise enables them to find solutions for the most challenging accident claims such as split liability, lane changes and foreign third party drivers

Credit Repair - Competitive Labour Rates ... Paid in 48 Hours!

QDOS have a variety of credit repair schemes to cover the widest variety of circumstances. We instruct an independent engineer who will agree figures on mainstream, prestige, and specialist vehicle repairs.

Credit Hire Vehicles - Delivered in as little as 4 Hours!

We provide a full range of replacement credit hire vehicles including prestige, mainstream and specialist vehicles such as private hire, vans, commercials, dual controlled, fleet and motorcycles. Whatever vehicle your customer requires, contact us as we have access to thousands of vehicles.

Estimate Generation

Simply provide images and our experienced estimator will produce a professional estimate for you. This not only saves you time but makes sure that all the legitimate hours, parts, paint and materials costs are charged correctly.

Funding for Insurer Authorised Repairs ... 96% of invoice paid in 48 hours!

This is a non risk option. We buy the Insurance Authorised Repair invoice at 96% of value and then request payment from the insurance company on your agreed terms. This may be 30 or even 60 days. Let QDOS improve your cash flow.

Your Team

We are proud to say we have a team of exceptional claims handlers at your disposal, most of whom have at least 10 years industry experience working for QDOS Accident Assistance. Their expertise ensures fast processing of your claims. Try them with your next claim. You won't be disappointed.

Our experienced field sales team will visit you on a regular basis. They offer support and advice as well as ..... biscuits!!!

Why Wait? Try Us Now!

QDOS can convert more of your claims
QDOS pay you high rates
QDOS give you unbeatable service

So start sending your claims to QDOS Accident Assistance today!

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