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You can click here to contact us . If you call 0800 093 0982 you can speak to our claims management team who can answer any questions. You can contact our Sales Director on 07970 611587 or email
Yes, you will have a dedicated account manager trained to our GOLD standard who will deal with all your claims from start to finish and provide you with updates as and when you require.
We have a variety of flexible schemes which depend on the individual circumstances of the accident and any preferences you may have. All of our repair schemes attract a retail labour rate and nearly all are paid within 48 hours.
Yes that's fine, we can supply a variety of mainstream and prestige cars, vans, motorbikes, taxis and all sorts of specialist vehicles upon request.
Yes you can. We can look to cross-hire the vehicles from you. We provide the paperwork and the expertise and you can enjoy an additional revenue stream.
Yes we can. We can also help the client to claim back their excess from the other persons insurance company as an extra service.
Unlike some of our competitors we do not insist that your customer claims for injury before we can assist them.
Yes we can, although the repair payment terms may be affected.
Yes, there are commissions available for our partners. You can click here to contact us or you can speak to our Sales Director on 07970 611587 or email and we'll arrange to come and see you.
Yes. It doesn't matter how many claims you send, you will be welcome to use our services.
Yes. We understand you may have contracts in place and are happy to work with you to avoid conflict.
We work with a number of reputable vehicle providers giving us access to unrivalled flexibility. All our partners work to our rigorous Service Level Agreement when providing vehicles.
No. The customer may still have the option of using QDOS and we would encourage you to ask them to contact us as soon as possible.

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